Brother Talon, Flesh Eaters Assault Marine

Death in battle holds no fear for me when it serves the Emperor’s will.

Brother Talon, Flesh Eaters Assault Marine

My Flesh Eater project continues this week with Brother Talon, a chainsword-wielding Assault Intercessor equipped with an LED infra-visor.

Building & Painting

This miniature and the idea of Assault Marines with infra-visors was inspired by the classic model Rogue Trader Assault Marine art and the miniature shown above. For me this is the classic Assault Marine look; fearlessly storming the breach with little more than a pistol, chainsword and faith in the Emperor. Of course this battle brother has a little extra as well, in the form of the infra-visor. As the name suggests, the infra-visor was a piece of equipment that helped the wearer identify the infrared heat signatures of hidden targets. Ideal for spotting potential enemy ambushes in close-quarters fighting and boarding actions!

I’ve recreated this Rogue Trader-era look using the head of a Space Marine Primaris Incursor and the techniques described in my LED Eye Lens tutorial. The only difference worth nothing is that I used a TruOpto 1.8mm Green LED instead of the red LED described in the tutorial. The base model is a Primaris Assault Intercessor that I have modified to wear MkVI armour, in keeping with the War of the False Primarch theme for my Flesh Eaters army.

I’ve added some “gore” to the chainsword using a fairly simple technique. I applied two thick coats of PVA glue to the chainsword – waiting for the PVA to dry after each coat – and then applied a thick coat of Citadel Blood for the Blood God. I also streaked some of this over the side of the blade, hilt, hand and wrist guard. This process is shown in the two pictures above. You may also notice the ‘skull and crossbones’ on the wrist guard. This is a classic piece of heraldry that indicates Brother Talon is seeking an honourable death in battle to prove his faith in the Emperor. If you’re interested, my painting recipe for the red Flesh Eaters armour can be found in this previous post.  

The only other thing of note is the bolter. Rules-wise, I will use Brother Talon as a Primaris Assault Intercessor, so he is equipped with a heavy bolt pistol. I didn’t want to spoil the MkVI aesthetic though, so instead I used an Umbra-pattern bolter with a shortened magazine as a visual representation of the heavy bolt pistol.

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back again soon with more Flesh Eaters. Just two more models to go in this unit, and then I think it’s time for a character or two! As ever, thanks for reading, and please don’t forget you can also follow my work on Twitter and Instagram.

Brother Levers, Flesh Eaters Sergeant

Sometimes the meat needs a little tenderising.

Brother Levers, Flesh Eaters Assault Sergeant

Here is the next model in my (very) slowly growing Flesh Eaters Space Marine army, the duel power fist wielding Assault Sergeant Levers.

Building & Painting

This miniature was inspired by the classic model Rogue Trader Space Marine ‘Brother Levers’, as seen in the photo from White Dwarf 100 above. I used to own this model back in the day, and I always loved the brutal look of it, which I hope I’ve successfully captured in this updated version. Unfortunately Assault Intercessor sergeants can only be equipped with a single power fist under the current rules, so this pairing is strictly cosmetic!

The base model is a Primaris Assault Intercessor that I have modified to wear MkVI armour, in keeping with the War of the False Primarch theme of this army. The power fists were from a Forge World Horus Heresy weapon upgrade set, although I’m not certain which one. I’ve just been looking on the Forge World website so I could provide a link, but can’t seem to find a match. These power fists have been sitting in my bits box for a long time! I think it was the Tartaros Terminator weapons set, but I suspect this has been discontinued since the plastic Tartaros Terminators were produced.

For the LED effects on the helmet eye lenses I followed the techniques described in my LED Eye Lens tutorial, except using a TruOpto 1.8mm Green LED instead of the red LED described in the tutorial. My painting recipe for Flesh Eaters armour can be found in this previous post. It might be slightly premature as there’s only two of them, but here’s a shot of the Assault Intercessor unit so far!

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back again soon with more Flesh Eaters. As ever, don’t forget you can also follow my work on Twitter and Instagram.

My Ultramarine Primaris Lieutenant on WarhammerTV

Yesterday I was fortunate enough to have one of my models make it onto Warhammer TV again! My Ultramarine Primaris Lieutenant featured alongside the work of other hobbyists on this Thursday’s ‘#WarhammerCommunity Hobby Round-Up: March For Macragge’ episode on Warhammer TV (Thursday 14th April episode, at around the 1 hour and 20 minute mark, if anyone would like to see it).

I’m very honoured to once again have had my work exhibited in this way, and as always a big thank you to Nick, Simon and the rest of the Warhammer Community Team for their kind words and high praise!

Ultramarines Primaris Lieutenant

What if…the Ultramarine from the ‘Epic Space Marine’ box art had survived to cross the Rubicon Primaris? That’s the question that I asked myself for this year’s #MarchForMacragge side-project!

If you’re on the ‘hobby’ parts of social media then you may have seen the #MarchForMacragge hashtag being used a lot in the last few weeks. The premise is simple – paint something Ultramarine-related at some point during March and then share the results. Last year I painted an Ultramarine Veteran, and this year I tasked myself with recreating and updating the Ultramarine shown in the central image above. My goal was to bring the character up-to-date with Primaris proportions and Mk X armour, while retaining as many of the characterful details of the artwork as possible.

Building & Painting

For those not familiar with the artwork I’m referencing, here is the cover art for the ‘Space Marine’ box. This version of ‘Space Marine’ was the second edition of the 6mm ‘Epic’ game system, a successor to the original ‘Adeptus Titanicus’ game, and a precursor to today’s game of the same name. This art is one of the iconic pieces from GW in the early 90s, in my opinion, and we saw it reproduced and reused on book covers and promotional materials throughout the decade.

The Lieutenant is mostly based on the limited edition ‘Lieutenant Amulius’ model, only with the head replaced with a Blood Angels head and that arms from an ‘Easy to Build’ Primaris Intercessor to more closely match the pose in the artwork. The laurel wreaths on his head and chest were sculpted from modelling putty. This is what my gaming group jokingly refer to as a “wallet bleed” class conversion, i.e. something that requires the cutting-up and repurposing of rare or difficult to obtain miniatures.

The LED bionic eye was mostly achieved using the basic techniques described in my LED eye lens tutorial, with one key exception; instead of recasting the head in resin I used one of the GW plastic heads. I drilled a 1mm hole into the bionic eye of the plastic head, and then a larger hole up through the neck to meet the eye hole in the middle of the head. I then fed the wires of my 3V red ultra nano SMD chip LED in through the eye hole and out of the neck, then gently pulled the LED into the hole. I then ran the wires through the torso and legs – again, as described in my LED eye lens tutorial – to connect to the battery in the base. Then I applied a small blob of Water Splash Effect Gel, available from Green Stuff World, to fill in the hole of the bionic eye.

Once the gel was dry I applied three successive coats of Citadel ‘Technical’ Spiritstone Red to give the eye some colour when the LED is off and also to prevent the LED appearing too bright. Looking at the two pictures above, the LED is switched on in the left hand image and turned off in the right hand image.

When it came to the heraldry on his right shoulder pad, I thought I was going to have to make an educated guess as to what was on the rear half of the pad. That was until I realised that the full heraldry is repeated on the flag of the Land Raider! At first I assumed those were small stars in the top right blue square of the banner, but it was only when I noticed they weren’t on the Lieutenant’s shoulder pad that it occurred to me they were probably bullet holes in the banner.

The heraldry is painted on freehand, except for the Ultramarine symbol on the left, which is painted over a small transfer. One of the best tips I’ve ever received about freehand heraldry is from my good friend Apologist, and that was never to use pure black or pure white for heraldry and text in miniature painting. The reason for this is that the pure colours really stand out and draw the eye too much. Therefore the dark lines in the heraldry and 50:50 Abaddon Black / Mechanicus Standard Grey, and the white areas are Corax White.

Anyway, that’s all for today. I hope you’re enjoyed this little side project! Hopefully see you back here again soon. Don’t forget you can also follow my work on Twitter and Instagram.

Flesh Eaters & ‘New Year, New Army 2022’

As we reach the end of January, I can finally unveil my “New Year, New Army” project for 2022. This year I plan to expand my Flesh Eaters Kill Team into a small army in time for Armies on Parade in November. This is the first member of a new Intercessor Assault Squad, Brother Kane.

Brother Kane is depicted charging into the fray, bullets ricocheting from his armour. He carries the squad’s “Terror Banner”, an evolution of the vexilla carried by Legionaries in millennia past. Used by forces on both sides during the War of the False Primarch, they were unfurled at the moment the shooting starting, leaving their victims in no doubt as to who had come for them! The “Prey For Death” message is a homage to the slogan painted on the shoulder pad of the Flesh Eaters marine depicted in the colour section of the Warhammer 40K first edition ‘Rogue Trader’ rulebook.

Design, Building & Painting

I had a number of different design goals with this model. Firstly, I wanted to convert the base Primaris model to look like he was wearing Mark VI armour to help him fit more closely with the War of the False Primarch M34 setting. I achieved this by removing a lot of the distinctive Mark X armour details – ankle stabilisers, knee pad rims, etc – and adding chest power cables made from guitar strings. The shoulder pads and backpack are from the Forge World Mark VI armour kit.

The base model is an Assault Intercessor from the Indomitus box set. The left arm is in its normal position, and I repositioned the right arm and wrist to form a straight line with the other hand to allow the model to carry the flag. The flag pole is 1mm wire and the flag itself is a Tactical Marine banner turned on its side.

The LED effect bullet ricochets were achieved using the techniques described in my Simple LED Muzzle Flare tutorial, only with the “flares” coming from the armour rather than a gun barrel. Both LEDs are powered from the same battery. They are connected in parallel with each other and in series with a single 100 ohm resistor. You can see and On/Off comparison picture on the right of the gallery above.

The paint scheme is exactly the same as described in this post about my Flesh Eaters Kill Team.

That’s it for this week. One Assault Intercessor down, nine more to go! See you again soon for more Flesh Eaters space marines, and maybe even finishing some of the other projects I have on the go as well!