Frequently Asked Questions

Are the images on this website made in Photoshop?

No, all the lighting seen in my photos are practical LED effects. Apart from adding the occasional caption, no image processing is performed on these photos.

Do you take commissions?

Sorry, but I’m afraid I don’t. Between a full time day job, family and my own projects, I simply wouldn’t have time to take on any commissions.

How can I buy your miniatures?

I’m afraid they’re not for sale, sorry! But why not have a go at making your own LED miniatures?

How can I add LEDs to my models?

I have extensive how-to guides in my tutorial section.

What tools and equipment do I need to work with LEDs?

I have a list of recommended tools and equipment on Amazon here.

I struggle to take photographs of my own LED miniatures that show off both the LEDs and the paint job. What’s your secret?

I find the most useful aid for LED miniature photography is a dimmable LED daylight lamp. I have a Phive adjustable architect lamp (normally available from Amazon here, but currently out of stock, alternative here) that I use for photography and painting. I find that all LED miniatures have a ‘sweet spot’ of illumination that shows off both the brightness of the LED and leaves the paint job visible. It still can take a few minutes to find the right position and level of illumination for that perfect photo though!

Have you tried conductive paint as an alternative to soldering?

I have! It’s useful in some situations, but not for everything. Check out my blog post about it here for more info.

Have you tried transparent resin?

Yes, but I find opaque resin diffuses the light in a much more pleasing and uniform way. With transparent resin you are viewing the LED directly, which can sometimes spoil the effect slightly.