Warhammer Fiction

This page contains a catalogue of all my Warhammer fiction. These short stories are hosted on the fan fiction website Cold Open Stories. Below you will find a list of the titles of each of my short stories, the Warhammer faction featured, and the opening lines of each story to whet your appetite. All these stories are completely free to read as many times are you want.

The Last One Hundred Lasguns


The air was a thick soup of infestation. Tyrannocytes punctured the storm-wracked skies of Segmentum Solar. Microscopic nano-spores swirled in every breath. The Tyranid microorganisms invaded the cavernous prime manufactorum like cancerous blood in an ailing heart. Eligius stood at attention beside the final station of the lasgun production line. Hundreds of his fellow workers stood with him, stretching away into the gloom, a crooked line bent from years of labour. Staying at their posts was mandatory, the grizzled Confessor-Supervisor boomed from his pulpit. Eligius didn’t know of anywhere else to go. Continue reading…

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A Traitor Twice Over


Chained to the chair in the dimly lit cellar with the Ork Warboss looming over me, I knew I had about a minute to live. Maybe longer if I was really unlucky. Continue reading…

The Anomalous Return of Captain Evidandro


Captain Evidandro returned to us a year and a day after vanishing in the tyranid-infested hell of the distant Corolis meatgrinder. He staggered naked from the Fractured Peaks wilderness to hammer on the rain-lashed adamantium doors of our fortress monastery. Continue reading…

The Sky Warriors’ Due


Paying the Sky Warriors’ Due was no simple task. From their village it was a five-day trek across shattered cliffs and brackish jungle rivers. Besides the terrain, there were stranglevines, razor-tooth felinids, and vast megacrocolids. Village folklore even spoke of iridescent-winged ghostfowl that could pluck out a man’s soul with their obsidian beaks. Continue reading…

Rare Meat


I watched the ork blood dribble down the Governor’s chin as he savoured the mouthful of green flesh.

‘I like my meat rare,’ said the Governor, gesturing at us with his fork, ‘in both senses of the word. Grox, ambull, aeldari, I’ve eaten it all!’ Continue reading…

Dere’s No Such Fing Az ‘Umies


‘Dere’s no such fing az ‘umies!’ Boss Skumskab spat out the words with the same casual confidence that he’d bite out an opponent’s throat. Continue reading…

Events At Recruitment Station Chryses


Jeroen gripped the weapon. Sweat dripped into his eyes. The commissar stood a single pace in front of him, cool and defiant. The order made no sense. It went against everything he stood for. Continue reading…

Hagen’s Legacy


I haul myself through the orifice, the peristaltic pulsing of the narrow tunnel eliciting groans from my armour. Helmet gone, I gag on the bile washing over my face. It’s like crawling through battlefield offal. I taste the sting of exotic acids, metal and blood. The blood of my brothers. Continue reading…

Big Dreams in the Weird House


Skarsmasha banged his gnarled green fist against the frost-rimmed door. Receiving no immediate answer, the ork hammered continuously until a rusted spy-hole snapped open. A bloodshot yellow eye peered out.

‘Wot yooz want?’ asked the eye.

Continue reading…

After the Craftworld


‘All pulsar batteries lock on to the Worthy Tides! Destroy it the moment you have a firing solution!’ yelled Alara as she sprinted through the wraithbone corridors of the voidcraft. Continue reading…

Kaptin’ Gitcutta’s Last Stand


‘Dis’ ship will self-destruct. Self destruct ‘az been activated. Dis’ ship will self-destruct.’

Freebooter Kaptain Gitcutta stood on the gloomy bridge of the ‘Eadbutt and looked out at the uncaring stars. The viewing portals were slanted like two angry eyes glowering, at the cosmos ahead. The ‘Eadbutt was burning hard out-system towards interstellar space, but the kaptin didn’t have to look at the rear tele-screens to know that the void behind them boiled with countless monstrosities, swarming around Grug’s World. Continue reading…

You Will Never Be a Knight


Caiha slid down the rocky tunnel straight into hell. Sulphurous fumes reached up to choke her sharp Aeldari senses. Rocks scraped at her leather tunic and bruised the palms of her empty hand as she tried to control her rapid descent. It was like falling into the gullet of a great drake. That, she mused as the void at the end of the tunnel rushed to greet her, was probably rather the point.

The ritual had begun.

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A Matter of Time


Inquisitor Syman Kant allowed himself a brief moment to watch the single bead of sweat work its way down Prewitt’s furrowed brow.

‘Yes, it’s definitely bad,’ Bellane Friemann commented, a half-smile stealing across her scarlet lips, ‘but is it heresy?’

Continue reading…

The Dark Stabba


Kommando Kaptin Gron may have been built like a grox, but currently he was squeezing through the pitch-black air vent like an unwilling grot oiler crammed into a trukk exhaust. Continue reading…


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