Flesh Eaters Assault Squad ‘Levers’

Assault Squad ‘Levers’ is complete! Including Kill Team Caro, my Flesh Eaters army now consists of two troops choices. I’m not far from a (technically) playable force, so it feels like this ‘Armies on Parade 2022’ project is finally gaining a little momentum!

Design Philosophy

I’m very pleased with how this unit turned out, especially now I’ve seen all five models together. While I was working on this unit I had a three-point design philosophy:

  1. Continue the ‘Rogue Trader’ era aesthetic and the ‘War of the False Primarch’ army theme by giving everyone MkVI power armour.
  2. Give the impression that the unit is right in the thick of the action (bullet impacts, blood splatter, etc).
  3. Only the sergeant could wear a helmet.

For the third point, I wanted to reverse the normal trope of bare-headed space marine officers, and make sure it was only Brother-Sergeant Levers who was wearing a helmet. After all, as the leader of the assault squad he’s the one who needs the most protection and access to all the sensors and comms devices that the helmet provides. All the other battle brothers in the unit are fighting with bare heads (infra-visors don’t count) to prove their bravery and look the enemy directly in the eye!

If you’re seeing my Flesh Eaters project for the first time and you’re interest in how the LED effects on the helmet eye lenses were achieved, I simply followed the techniques described in my LED Eye Lens tutorial. The only difference was that I used TruOpto 1.8mm Green LED instead of the red LED described in the tutorial. My painting recipe for Flesh Eaters armour can also be found in this previous post.

Squad Members

Brother-Sergeant Levers is the leader of the assault squad. A brutal close combat brawler, he routinely wears dual powerfists into battle. You can read the full article about this model here.

Brother Kane carries the squad’s “terror banner”. The trust placed in him by this role often inspires Kane to lead the charge into the fray. You can read the full article about this model here.

Brother Talon has sworn an oath to seek an honourable death in combat to prove his faith in the Emperor. You can read the full article about this model here.

Brother Akerman is known for always being stoic in the face of enemy fire. You can read the full article about this model here.

Brother Dunn is equipped with an infra-visor, ideal for spotting potential enemy ambushes in close-quarters fighting and boarding actions. You can read the full article about this model here.

So there we are, squad complete! I hope you’ve enjoyed following the progress of this unit over the last couple of months! That’s all for today, but I’ll be back again soon for more Flesh Eaters, plus a few side projects (that may also be red). As ever, thanks for reading, and please don’t forget you can also follow my work on Twitter and Instagram.

3 thoughts on “Flesh Eaters Assault Squad ‘Levers’

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