Brother Akerman, Flesh Eaters Assault Marine

Nice try, heretic. Now it’s my turn!

Brother Akerman, Flesh Eaters Assault Marine

My collection of Flesh Eater Assault Intercessors continues to grow. This week I’ve added Brother Akerman, a chainsword-wielding marine with a short temper who doesn’t take kindly to being shot at!

Building & Painting

With Brother Akerman I’ve revisited the LED effect bullet ricochets last seen in Brother Kane. I decided I wanted to give the impression that the whole squad was under fire, not just Kane, which meant someone else needed to step into the line of fire! Akerman’s bullet ricochet effects were achieved using the techniques described in my Simple LED Muzzle Flare tutorial, only with the “flares” coming from the armour rather than a gun barrel. Both LEDs are powered from the same battery. They are connected in parallel with each other and in series with a single 100 ohm resistor and a single switch. In the two images above you can see the exposed LEDs on the left, and then the impact effects after the acrylic gel had been applied, as described in steps 13 – 15 of the tutorial.

As I’ve described previously for other members of this squad, the base model is a Primaris Assault Intercessor that I have modified to wear MkVI armour, in keeping with the War of the False Primarch theme for my Flesh Eaters army. You can read the latest from the War of the False Primarch campaign here. For those that are interested, my painting recipe for the red Flesh Eaters armour can be found in this previous post.  

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back again soon with the final member of this unit! As always, thanks for reading, and please don’t forget you can also follow my work on Twitter and Instagram.

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