Brother Talon, Flesh Eaters Assault Marine

Death in battle holds no fear for me when it serves the Emperor’s will.

Brother Talon, Flesh Eaters Assault Marine

My Flesh Eater project continues this week with Brother Talon, a chainsword-wielding Assault Intercessor equipped with an LED infra-visor.

Building & Painting

This miniature and the idea of Assault Marines with infra-visors was inspired by the classic model Rogue Trader Assault Marine art and the miniature shown above. For me this is the classic Assault Marine look; fearlessly storming the breach with little more than a pistol, chainsword and faith in the Emperor. Of course this battle brother has a little extra as well, in the form of the infra-visor. As the name suggests, the infra-visor was a piece of equipment that helped the wearer identify the infrared heat signatures of hidden targets. Ideal for spotting potential enemy ambushes in close-quarters fighting and boarding actions!

I’ve recreated this Rogue Trader-era look using the head of a Space Marine Primaris Incursor and the techniques described in my LED Eye Lens tutorial. The only difference worth nothing is that I used a TruOpto 1.8mm Green LED instead of the red LED described in the tutorial. The base model is a Primaris Assault Intercessor that I have modified to wear MkVI armour, in keeping with the War of the False Primarch theme for my Flesh Eaters army.

I’ve added some “gore” to the chainsword using a fairly simple technique. I applied two thick coats of PVA glue to the chainsword – waiting for the PVA to dry after each coat – and then applied a thick coat of Citadel Blood for the Blood God. I also streaked some of this over the side of the blade, hilt, hand and wrist guard. This process is shown in the two pictures above. You may also notice the ‘skull and crossbones’ on the wrist guard. This is a classic piece of heraldry that indicates Brother Talon is seeking an honourable death in battle to prove his faith in the Emperor. If you’re interested, my painting recipe for the red Flesh Eaters armour can be found in this previous post.  

The only other thing of note is the bolter. Rules-wise, I will use Brother Talon as a Primaris Assault Intercessor, so he is equipped with a heavy bolt pistol. I didn’t want to spoil the MkVI aesthetic though, so instead I used an Umbra-pattern bolter with a shortened magazine as a visual representation of the heavy bolt pistol.

That’s all for this week, I’ll be back again soon with more Flesh Eaters. Just two more models to go in this unit, and then I think it’s time for a character or two! As ever, thanks for reading, and please don’t forget you can also follow my work on Twitter and Instagram.

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