Kommando ‘Burna Boy’

Wot’s yellow an’ sayz “Help, I’m a ‘Umie and I’m on fire!”…? Err, hang on, I fink I told it wrong…

Slagskraga, Kommando Burna Boy

At last, the final Octarius Ork Kommando is complete, only around seven months after buying the box! I didn’t leave the Burna Boy until last for any conscious reason. I think it was just that I was more inspired by the other models and the effects I had planned, many of which were experimenting with new techniques, whereas I had a “safe” plan for the Burna Boy that fell back on tried-and-tested techniques.

Having finished the model, I do wish I’d got to it sooner. After spending a lot of time looking at it, I think it’s one of the most characterful models in the Kommando set. I particularly like the little details like the burn scars on its hands and arms, and the fuel pressure gauge on the burna.

Design, Building & Painting

To create the LED effects on the Burna Boy I primarily I used the techniques described in my ‘Simple LED Muzzle Flare tutorial‘, which can be found on my LED Miniatures Tutorials page. The main difference is that I used two of the yellow 0805 SMD chip LEDs instead of one. Both were connected in parallel to the single coin cell battery in the base.

In the left-hand image above you can see how the LEDs were arranged on the nozzle of the burna. In hindsight I should have positioned the top LED slightly lower down. I was hoping their respective glows would ‘merge’ to create a larger overall light once I’d applied the flame effect. But in the end they were slightly too far apart. The right-hand image above shows the path of the LED wires in this particular model – through the burna, up the left arm, through the torso and down through the left leg.

As you can see in the left-hand image above, I painted the red and black connecting wires of the LED yellow to help them blend into the final flame effect. The right-hand images shows the flame effect after I applied paint. I began with a shade of Citadel Fuegan Orange over the entire flame. Once this had dried I applied a yellow glaze of Citadel Lamenters Yellow (alternatively, a 1:4 glaze of Yriel Yellow to Lahmian Medium will work). Next I applied a shade of Citadel Druchii Violet to the top third of the flame only. Finally I applied a red glaze of Citadel Bloodletter Red (alternatively, a 1:4 glaze of Evil Sun Scarlet to Lahmian Medium will work) just to the top third. This is more for the looks of the flame when the LEDs are switched off. When the LEDs are on the distinction is harder to see.

That’s all for today. It’s very satisfying to actually finish a project and have all the Kommandos done! Check back again soon for some group pictures of Kaptain Gron and his Kommando Boyz. Don’t forget you can also follow my work on Twitter and Instagram.

Kommando ‘Comms Boy’

Yooz might find dis order a bit…shokkin’!

Rotkop, Kommando Comms Boy

When I started assembling the Kommando Comms Boy, I thought this was going to be a model without any LEDs. <pause for audience laugh> However just as I finished gluing it together, I realised there was a giant light bulb on the side of his shokka pistol! I couldn’t let that go unmodified, so I dutifully took the miniature apart and began to plan how to replace the plastic light bulb with a functioning LED.

Design & Building

The LED process was fairly simple by my standards. I cut the bulb from the shokka pistol with a sharp craft knife, and then used a 1mm drill bit to drill out the “glass” parts of the bulb, leaving the “metal” guard around it. I then inserted a 3V red ultra nano SMD chip LED where the bulb was, running the wire down through the pistol, right arm, torso and leg to the battery in the base. Once the LED was in place I returned the “metal” guard to cover it – as shown in the image above – and filled in the gaps between the guard with Water Splash Effect Gel (available from Green Stuff World) to provide a transparent replacement for the “glass” in the bulb. Finally, once the gel was dry I applied a shade of Citadel Spiritstone Red. This ‘Technical’ paint is like a thick, glossy glaze, and helps the gel to look like red glass when the LED is switched off. 

If you’d like to have a go at this yourself but you’d like more details, I’m afraid I don’t have a full tutorial for this technique at the moment. But the existing tutorial that is closest is my ‘Simple LED Muzzle Flare‘ tutorial, only with the red ultra nano SMD chip LED mentioned above, instead of the yellow 0805 chip LED shown in the tutorial.

That’s all for this week. Thanks for reading, and hopefully see you again soon for the tenth and final Kommando in the Octarius Kill Team!

Ork Kommando ‘Rokkit Boy’

I’m burnin’ out me fuse out ‘ere, alone…

Dregshak, Kommando Rokkit Boy

I’ve been wanting to put together an LED rocket launcher effect for quite some time now. I’ve been back and forward several times on which army or kill team project would get the honour, and I settle on the Ork Kommandos in the end. It seems quite fitting, as this Kill Team has been the test bed for quite a few different LED techniques and tutorials.

Design, Building & Painting

I won’t spend much time explaining how I achieved the LED rocket effect, as I have a brand new full ‘LED Rocket Launcher’ tutorial on my tutorial page here! Suffice to say, the LED was one of the usual Yellow 0805 Chip LEDs from Small Scale Lights and the smoke trail was made from a small amount of Soft Toy Stuffing.

The paint scheme sticks with the Blood Axe Kommando theme that can be seen in the rest of the team. I decide to decorate the rockets with a red and white chequered pattern that calls back to Titin’s rocket – the definitive rocket design in my opinion. The colour scheme for the mask was influenced by Call of Duty: Ghosts, which seemed fitting for the Kommandos.

That’s it for today! Eight Kommandos down, two to go! Check back again soon for more Orks…

Flesh Eaters & ‘New Year, New Army 2022’

As we reach the end of January, I can finally unveil my “New Year, New Army” project for 2022. This year I plan to expand my Flesh Eaters Kill Team into a small army in time for Armies on Parade in November. This is the first member of a new Intercessor Assault Squad, Brother Kane.

Brother Kane is depicted charging into the fray, bullets ricocheting from his armour. He carries the squad’s “Terror Banner”, an evolution of the vexilla carried by Legionaries in millennia past. Used by forces on both sides during the War of the False Primarch, they were unfurled at the moment the shooting starting, leaving their victims in no doubt as to who had come for them! The “Prey For Death” message is a homage to the slogan painted on the shoulder pad of the Flesh Eaters marine depicted in the colour section of the Warhammer 40K first edition ‘Rogue Trader’ rulebook.

Design, Building & Painting

I had a number of different design goals with this model. Firstly, I wanted to convert the base Primaris model to look like he was wearing Mark VI armour to help him fit more closely with the War of the False Primarch M34 setting. I achieved this by removing a lot of the distinctive Mark X armour details – ankle stabilisers, knee pad rims, etc – and adding chest power cables made from guitar strings. The shoulder pads and backpack are from the Forge World Mark VI armour kit.

The base model is an Assault Intercessor from the Indomitus box set. The left arm is in its normal position, and I repositioned the right arm and wrist to form a straight line with the other hand to allow the model to carry the flag. The flag pole is 1mm wire and the flag itself is a Tactical Marine banner turned on its side.

The LED effect bullet ricochets were achieved using the techniques described in my Simple LED Muzzle Flare tutorial, only with the “flares” coming from the armour rather than a gun barrel. Both LEDs are powered from the same battery. They are connected in parallel with each other and in series with a single 100 ohm resistor. You can see and On/Off comparison picture on the right of the gallery above.

The paint scheme is exactly the same as described in this post about my Flesh Eaters Kill Team.

That’s it for this week. One Assault Intercessor down, nine more to go! See you again soon for more Flesh Eaters space marines, and maybe even finishing some of the other projects I have on the go as well!

Primaris Pedro Kantor

Broader shoulders rightly mean greater burdens.

Chapter Master Pedro Kantor, on crossing the Rubicon Primaris.

What if…Pedro Kantor crossed the Rubicon Primaris? Although it hasn’t happened in canon (yet), it’s a question that many fans of the Crimson Fists have already considered. I had originally hoped to include my take on this idea as part of my Armies on Parade 2021 display board, but when it became clear that I wasn’t going to get it all done in time I put Pedro on the back-burner for a couple of weeks while I finished the board itself. But now Pedro is finally done!

Painting & Assembling

This was a relatively simple conversion based on the Imperial Fists character Tor Garadon. All Tor Garadon’s distinguishing features were removed, such as his head and the grav-gun. I also replaced the ruined defences he was standing on with a pile of Ork skulls!

I then added a few parts from the Finecast Chapter Master Pedro Kantor, specifically his personal banner, left forearm and Dorn’s Arrow. The helmet is from the limited edition Primaris Captain; I chose this one as it had the same laurel wreath as Pedro’s current model. I also sculpted the circular gemstone on his forehead from modelling putty to echo the gemstone on the existing Pedro model.

To create the LED helmet eye lenses and muzzle flare I used the techniques described in my LED Muzzle Flare Tutorial that you can find here. For the paint scheme, I resisted the temptation to go too “bling” with the detail on Pedro’s and kept to the comparatively limited palette that I used for the rest of my Crimson Fists.

So there we have it, Primaris Pedro Kantor! Rule-wise, I’ll simply use him as with his normal rules on the table top. The Primaris upgrade is simply an aesthetic improvement so that I wouldn’t need to field a “first born” Pedro Kantor in an otherwise all-Primaris army. That’s it for this week, see you all again soon!