Ork Kommando ‘Breacha’

Little squig, little squig, let me in…

“Krumpa” Zog, Ork Breacha

This Ork Kommando ‘Breacha’ is my latest effort from the ‘Kill Team: Ocatrius’ box set. Originally I thought this would be one of the few non-LED models in the unit. But then I realised it might be fun to have him bursting through a door with bullets ricocheting from his armour! I made a few mock-ups with the door, but as it turns out the breaching ram takes up most of the 32mm base, and the door just obscured too much of the model. In the end I decided to simply hint at the door with the ruined door frame on the base. One of the bullet impacts is on the door frame to help draw attention to it.

Painting & Assembling

The LED techniques used on this model were fairly simple. I followed the procedure in my Simple LED Muzzle Flare tutorial, except in this case the LEDs are on the rubble and shoulder armour rather than the end of the gun! I used two of the same 0805 chip LED as detailed in the tutorial, both connected in parallel on the same battery.

I tried to sculpt the “flares” (using the Water Splash Effect Gel from Green Stuff World) so they looked like the sparks from a bullet ricocheting off a solid surface. I then painted them with a light shade and glaze, as detailed in the tutorial. When painting the rest of the model, I used the ‘Blood Axe Kommando’ scheme seen here.

That’s it for this week. I’ll finish up with a group shot of the Kommandos so far. Hopefully see you back here again soon!

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