LED Miniature Makers of Social Media 2022

About a year ago I published an article looking at other LED miniature makers in the online community. I thought it was about time to do the same thing again and celebrate other members of the Instagram and Twitter LED miniature community. Embedded below are some of my favourites, presented in no particular order. Why not take a few minutes to check out their work, and if you like what you see then give them a follow!


Let’s start with Doc Brown, whose LED and motor work is absolutely incredible! Check out the Chaos Mauler Fiend below with moving tentacles! Doc Brown also does a good line in LED and motorised Necrons and Kharadron.


A true follower of Chaos, Paul is always coming up with new and inventive ways to use LEDs in his Emperor’s Children and Nurgle Daemon armies.


Alex is a LED-miniature-making-machine, seemingly pumping out endless LED armies. Check out his Instagram for Necron, Chaos and Space Marine models. He takes commissions too, so why not drop him a DM if you’re in the market for some custom LED work?


Jesse has made some beautifully grimdark Necrons, Chaos, Space Marines and Undead with LEDs.


Stephane has many amazing display boards on their Instagram, including some with LEDs. Well worth a look and a follow!

Bobo’s Hobbies

Bobo continues to astound with their amazing LED Space Hulk project, including a digital command console! Breathtaking work!


Ben has lots of interesting LED projects and is currently doing cool things with with fibre optics.

Ian “Wargame Trader” Wood

Ian has some very cool LED projects with Necrons. Why not give him a follow on Twitter?

That’s just a small sample of the great work that you can find out there. Many apologies if I follow your LED work on Instagram or Twitter and I’ve missed you out, it wasn’t intentional! If you have any suggestions for other great LED miniature artists that I’ve not mentioned above, please let me know in the comments. If this has inspired you and you’d like to have a go at making some LED miniatures yourself then you can find my tutorials here and supplies here. That’s all for today, see you again soon!

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