LED Miniature Makers of Instagram

I passed the 10,000 followers milestone on my hobby Instagram recently, which was a pleasant surprise. But it got me thinking about other LED miniature makers who deserve an equal amount of love! So I thought this would be a good opportunity to uplift and celebrate some other members of the Instagram LED miniature community. Embedded below are some of my favourites, presented in no particular order. Why not take a few minutes to check out their work, and if you like what you see then give them a follow!


Warhammer 40K T’au Empire


Warhammer 40K Necrons


Gundam & Warhammer 40K


Warhammer 40K Chaos


Warhammer 40K Necrons


Warhammer 40K


Warhammer 40K Orks


Star Wars Legion & Lord of the Rings


Star Wars Legion


Warhammer 40K Imperium


Warhammer 40K Scenery

That’s just a small sample of the great work that you can find out there. Many apologies if I follow your LED work on Instagram and I’ve missed you out, it wasn’t intentional! If you have any suggestions for other great LED miniature artists that I’ve not mentioned above, please let me know in the comments. If this has inspired you and you’d like to have a go at making some LED miniatures yourself then you can find my tutorials here and supplies here. That’s all for today, see you again soon!

One thought on “LED Miniature Makers of Instagram

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