Instagram & Future Plans

This week I passed nine thousand followers on my LED miniature Instagram, so in honour of this milestone I thought I’d make a fun diorama using some of my favourite miniatures. I hope to take both the ‘Church of Cosmic Wisdom’ Genestealer Cult and the ‘Task Force Grimstone’ Crimson Fists out on Crusade soon, just as soon as UK lockdown restrictions allow. In the meantime, who do you think would win in a battle of psychic might? The All Father of the church or Epistolary Gabriel? Let me know in the comments!

This also seems like a good time to talk about future plans. There’s still a lot to come for the Crimson Fists; I have a Repulsor, a Firestrike turret, Aggressors, Assault Intercessors and the parts to make a new version of Captain Grimstone languishing on the ‘Shelf of Shame’. There’s also my Lamenters kill team to finish and my Seraphon to properly start! Plus it’s not only miniatures I’m working on, I’m also developing three brand new tutorials demonstrating new LED effects, as well as an upcoming 2021 revamp of my classic LED Eye Lens tutorial. And as if that wasn’t enough, I’ve also started to draw-up plans for my #ArmiesOnParade2021 board. It’s going to be a busy year, and I hope you all stick around to see the results!

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