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I like to post updates and new tutorials as often as I can, but realistically with the glacial pace at which I build and paint that translates as an update to this website every couple of weeks at best. If you’ve enjoyed my website and LED tutorials and you’d be interested in knowing when there’s been a new update, then please don’t forget that I’m on Twitter and Instagram. Whenever I’ve finished a model or posted a new tutorial I always provide an update on social media. Hopefully see you there, fellow hobbyists!

2 thoughts on “Website Updates & Social Media

  1. Guillem


    First of all, congratulations for your page. Your tutorials are great and they have been a great help in putting LEDs to my figures.

    One question, I have not seen any reference to the cables you use in your projects. What sizes do you use? What do you recommend?

    Thanks for everything and a pleasure to read you.

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    1. Hi Guillem, thanks. I’m glad you’ve found them useful! You’re right, it’s not something I go into a great deal of detail about. I mention the wires in step 6 of the ‘LED eye lens’ tutorial. I’ve tended to use whatever I have laying around, but ideally it will be enamelled or plastic insulated wire that is <1mm in diameter. Also, where I use a lot of the Small Scale Lights nano and ultra nano LEDs, these already have very thin enamelled wires attached, so I just use those. I hope that's helpful!


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